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Weekend Retreat
Families are selected to participate through a simple application process, and are nominated by medical professionals, teachers, therapists, social workers, family members or others in the community. In order to be eligible, they must have a child under the age of seven that has been diagnosed with a physical, cognitive or behavior disability, autism spectrum disorder, a debilitating medical condition, or a visual, speech or hearing impairment.
What to expect.
The weekend begins on Friday evening and ends late Sunday morning. Each family is provided with a private room and is expected to stay overnight and participate in the scheduled weekend activities.
A fun-filled Saturday awaits the kids with carefully-chosen companions assigned on a one-on-one basis. The kids will enjoy a wide array of activities, tailored to each age group; animal, puppet and music performances; swimming; bowling and a trip to Jungle Bungle.
Meanwhile, the adults are treated to a day designed just for them. The program will provide each adult with opportunities to:
" Get to know other parents and share concerns, joys, stories and ideas for parenting."
" Learn about valuable resources that can help support their children and family."
" Break away from their daily routine, relax and have fun!"
Families participate one time in the UWF Weekend but often develop informal networks that become a source of ongoing support.

Apply to attend the 2017 Up With Families Retreat Weekend February 24-26, 2017.